Sewing Quick Tip:

Try washing just a swatch of your fabric before preshrinking your entire yardage. Fabric texture and color
can change with laundering and you may not like the way your particular fabric reacts. If it turns out that
you don’t like the way your fabric changes after being laundered, you can skip preshrinking altogether and
decide to have your finished item dry-cleaned.
Sewing Quick Tip:

When sewing a dart, don’t backstitch to secure the thread ends. This can cause your fabric to pucker.
Instead, start your stitching at the top of the dart, continue to sew right off your fabric without
backstitching, then tie off and knot the loose thread ends at the tip of the dart.
Sewing Quick Tip:

To keep track of the type and size of needle you have in your machine, get a pad of those tiny sticky
notes and keep it by your sewing machine. Then, whenever you change your needle, just jot down its
type and size and stick it on the front or side of your sewing machine.
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