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Free Fat Quarter Projects - 50+ designs!
Some of these projects use just one fat quarter, and others, several. And many of
these projects would make great quick-to-make diy gifts.

And in case you're not familiar with the term “fat quarter,” it's a rectangle of fabric
that measures about 18 inches by 22 inches. In other words, it's a one-yard length
of fabric (that's 44 inches wide) cut into quarters. And fat quarters are usually sold
in bundles with several squares of fabric per bundle. And because the bundle usually
consists of fabrics from the same line, it can be a great way to sample all of the
fabrics from that line without committing yourself to buying yardage. Plus the fabrics
in the bundle will automatically coordinate if you wish to use several of them for your

And fat quarters are considered to be the most versatile of the pre-cut quilting
fabrics. They're better at showcasing a larger print than the smaller jelly roll or
charm pre-cuts can. And they're the perfect size for smaller sewing projects (like
the projects on these pages). Plus, fat quarters can always be cut down into smaller
squares, rectangles, or triangles similar to the jelly roll or charm pack sizes.

And if you want to be able to launder your item, you may want to pre-wash your
fabric first to prevent shrinkage and color bleeding in your finished item (which
would be especially important if you're using more than one fabric for your project).
Some quilters feel that preshrinking their fabric is essential, but others believe it isn't
necessary if you use high quality fabrics.
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Use those fat quarters you've been accumulating in your fabric stash with the help
of this collection of over fifty free fat quarter sewing projects, patterns, and diy
tutorials, gathered from all over the web. On these pages you'll find a variety of fun
projects to sew from bags, purses, and pouches, to aprons, pillows, placemats,
clothing, and more!
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