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Sewing Quick Tips:

Tape measures can actually stretch over time (it depends on the material they’re made from
- fiberglass tape measures tend to be more durable). And, of course, measuring with an
inaccurate tape measure will result in inaccurate body measurements, which can lead to an
ill-fitting finished garment. Therefore, check the accuracy of your tape measure by holding it
against a yardstick. If all of the measurement lines don’t line up exactly, buy a new tape

Make pants fitting easier by basting the side seams of the pants first before sewing the
permanent seams because it's often in the side seams where adjustments to fit need to be

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Sewing Quick Tip:

The blade of a
seam ripper can
slowly become dull
over time, making
the task of ripping
out seams harder
than it needs to
be. So if your seam
ripper is more than
a few years old, try
purchasing a new
one and see if it
cuts through your
threads more
Sewing Quick Tip:


stretch out of shape
with any degree of
handling. Therefore, if
you have fabric pieces
be Some fabrics can
staystitched, do it
immediately after
removing the paper
patterns from the fabric
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