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70 of the best free Baby Bib Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
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More Baby Project Ideas from These Popular Books!
Free Baby Bib Patterns - 70 designs!
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Tip #1: When sewing buttons onto your garment, try sewing them on one at a time to help
place them accurately. Sew on one button, try your garment on, then check the spacing of the
next button before sewing it on.

Tip #2: Try using a seam roll as your surface when pressing seams open. The rounded surface
of a seam roll will keep the edges of your seam allowances from pressing a ridge into the right
side of your fabric.
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Sew Baby Bibs with this collection of over seventy great baby bib patterns and tutorials gathered from all over the web.

A set of colorful, handmade baby bibs can make a great (and inexpensive) baby shower gift. Try getting creative by
embellishing the edges of your baby bib with ric-rac, bias tape, or fringe. Or you can make your bib water-resistant and
wipeable by adding a layer of vinyl to the outside of your bib (or you can simply make your bib from a waterproof

And because of its simple shape, a baby bib can be a great first project for a beginner who’s just learning how to sew (if
you don’t have babies or toddlers yourself, you can pass the bib on to someone who does). And because of what a
baby bib is designed for (catching baby food), it will be okay if the bib doesn’t turn out perfectly.

And sewing a baby bib can be a great way use up those smaller scraps of fabric leftover from other projects, or a great
way to"repurpose" old clothing such as t-shirts and jeans. And if you’re making your bibs from brand new cotton fabric,
just remember to preshrink your fabric first (and any trims too). You may even want to wash your fabric more than once
because cotton fabric doesn’t always shrink its maximum amount the first washing.
Basic Bib
Sew Mama Sew
New! - 8/28/13
Easy Reversible Bib
Craftaholics Anonymous
New! - 8/30/13
Snap-on Baby Bibs
Sew 4 Home
New! - 9/1/13
Baby Bib Trio
Haberdashery Fun
New! - 9/15/13
Super Simple Little
New! - 9/16/13
Baby Bib
2 Little Hooligans
New! - 9/17/13
Reversible Smock
Healthy Family
New! - 9/21/13
Long-sleeved Baby
Fleeting Thing
New! - 9/25/13
Super Cute Baby Bib
Making Things is...
New! - 10/5/13
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Bib with Pocket
Gotcha Covered
Baby Bib
New! - 12/5/13
Baby Bib
New! - 12/5/13
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New! - 12/5/13
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New! - 12/5/13
Owl Bib
New! - 12/5/13