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A collection of the best free Cloth Diaper Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: Napped fabrics are usually cut so that the nap runs downward in the finished item. However, consider
cutting your napped fabric so that the nap runs up. This will likely give your finished item a richer, darker color.

Tip #2: If you have some wonderful plaid fabric you’d like to use, yet you don’t feel like going through the work
of matching the design at the seams, try turning some of your pattern pieces on the bias (the diagonal).

Note: If a project below includes a printable pattern, you’ll see a “p” next to its title. If a project doesn’t include
a pattern template, it likely consists of simple fabric shapes (like squares and rectangles) that you can easily
measure and cut yourself. And note that some projects may be designed for a specific type of sewing machine.
However, if a project you like calls for, say, complex embroidery stitches and you have just a simple zigzag
machine, you can try experimenting with a satin stitch, hand-embroidering a design, or adding purchased
embellishments instead.
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Sewing Quick Tip:

If you have a difficult time threading a sewing machine needle, try using a "self-threading"
needle. This is a needle that has a tiny slit in the side of eye. You thread the needle by
sliding your thread down the side of the needle and the thread snaps into the eye on its
own. No need to try to push the tip of a thread end into a teeny, tiny hole you can barely
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