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Free Baby Quilt Patterns - Page 2
Over 260 of the best free Baby Quilt Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
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Basic Baby Quilt
Thirty Handmade Days
Lattice Baby Quilt
Diary of a Quilter
Baby Quilt
So Sew Easy
Quick Striped Baby
The Cloth Parcel
Prairie Pinwheel Baby
The Cloth Parcel
Gingham Baby Quilt
Baby Rag Quilt
Do It Yourself Divas
Strip Tango Baby
Fort Worth Fabric Studio
Low Volume Baby
Quilting in the Rain
Novelty Strip Baby
Bright Baby Quilt*
Churn Dash Baby
Tumbler Baby Quilt*
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Precious Moments
Internet Archive
Quilt kits from Craftsy you may be interested in:
Rainbow Reflections
Candy Splash Quilt
Around the Block Cute
as a Blossom Quilt