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If you're new to quilting, here are some tips for beginners:

Choosing fabrics: To make your quilt more visually interesting, choose a variety of small, medium, and large prints and
a combination of light, medium, and dark fabrics. The variety of prints will give your quilt more visual interest and the
variety of tones will give your quilt added depth.

And as a beginner you may want to try a simple design for your first quilt (a design made up of simple shapes like squares
and rectangles) before moving on to more complex designs.

Some quilters prefer to prewash their fabrics, some don’t. If you plan to launder your finished quilt, then it’s a good idea to
prewash your fabric because making your quilt from unwashed fabrics could result in unwanted puckering after the quilt is
laundered for the first time.

And because quilts are often made from colorful cotton fabrics, it’s a good idea to test your fabrics for colorfastness,
especially those with rich vivid colors. Fabrics that aren't colorfast will likely bleed onto adjacent sections of your finished
quilt when laundered. You can test your fabric for colorfastness by submerging a swatch of it in the same water
temperature and detergent in which you plan to launder your finished quilt. Let the fabric sit for about a half an hour, then
check the water for discoloration. Squeeze the excess water out of the swatch, then press it between the layers of a
white towel to see if any dye comes off.
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