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More quilting tips for beginners:

Batting: if you want your quilt to have a thinner look to it, use a “low-loft” batting. If you want your quilt to have a
thicker look to it, use a “high-loft” batting, but keep in mind that you may find a high-loft batting difficult to machine-

Cutting: Although a rotary cutter isn’t absolutely necessary, it can make the task of cutting your quilt pieces faster
and easier (note: to save yourself even more time, you can buy your fabric pieces pre-cut). A rotary cutter can also
help you cut your pieces more accurately.

When using a rotary cutter, you may find stiffer fabrics easier to cut. Therefore, you may want to spray your fabric
with sizing or starch before cutting. And if you've never used a rotary cutter before, you may want to practice first on
an old or inexpensive length of fabric.

And here are a few rotary cutter safety tips: Remember that a rotary cutter is very sharp, therefore, always handle
the rotary cutter itself with care (closing the blade after each cut) and the blades with care when changing and
disposing of them. And always use a rotary mat and ruler specifically designed for use with a rotary cutter. And when
using the rotary cutter, always cut with it rolling away from your body.
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