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Free Backpack Patterns - 125 designs!
125 of the best free Backpack Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
DIY backpack patterns! Make your own backpack with this collection of over one hundred free backpack patterns &
tutorials gathered from all over the web. Make simple drawstring backpacks, toddler-sized backpacks, serious outdoor
gear, and more.

And a drawstring backpack, because of its simple design, can be a great first project for someone who’s just learning
how to sew. It can be quick and easy to make, plus when finished the new sewer will have something she’ll be able to
use on a regular basis.

And a brand new backpack can make a great back-to-school gift for a child (but for safety reasons, don’t put your child’s
name on the outside of the backpack).

And if your backpack is going to be used to carry heavy items (like books), use a heavier fabric for durability. But if you
have your heart set on a lighter-weight fabric (perhaps because you love the print), you can add sturdiness to the fabric
either by doubling it, by adding a lining to the backpack, or by backing the fabric with fusible interfacing. And you may
also want to choose a backpack design that has wider straps, which will probably be more comfortable to carry than a
drawstring backpack would be.

And when sewing your backpack, remember to switch to a larger, thicker needle when sewing through several layers of
heavy fabric (like when attaching the straps to your pack).
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