Beach Bag Patterns - 22 designs
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22 of the best free Beach Bag Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
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Easy Beach Bag
Martha Stewart
Kid Towel Tote
Martha Stewart
Beach Bag
Cosmo Cricket
Beach Bag
Beach Bag
Film in the Fridge
Handmade Beach
Martha Stewart
Summer Beach Bag
Mesh Bag
Martha Stewart
Quilted Beach Bag
Reanna Lily Designs
Patchwork Beach
My Patchwork
Beach Towel Tote
Martha Stewart
Mesh Beach Bag
Obsessive Crafting
Beach Towel Tote
Alisa Burke
Sew a bag for your next trip to the beach with this collection of over twenty free beach bag patterns & tutorials
gathered from all over the web.

And because a beach bag often consists of simple shapes and is quick to make, it can be an ideal first project for a
beginner just learning how to sew.

And instead of using a traditional canvas fabric for your bag, you may want to try a plastic mesh which, in addition to
being waterproof, will also let air circulate (and allow any wet items to dry), and will have the advantage of being
see-through (to help you more easily find your items).

And because your beach bag will likely be subject to lots of stress, be sure to reinforce your seams (by stitching a
second seam on top of the first seam), especially where the handles attach to the bag.

And if you don't see the exact beach bag design you're looking for on this page, try
Tote Bag Patterns where you'll find
an additional 200+ free tote bag patterns & tutorials.

Even more free patterns!

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*Patterns marked with an asterisk (*) indicate a PDF file.
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Canvas Beach Bag
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Beach Bag
Lila Tueller Designs
Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: Before preshrinking your next length of fabric, try laundering just a swatch of it first.
Some fabrics can change color or texture after being laundered and you may not like how your
particular fabric is affected.

Tip #2: Use pins with larger heads on meshes, eyelets, and loose-weave fabrics. The larger
head won't slip through the fabric as a smaller pin head would.
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Summer Beach Tote
Blue Susan
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