Free Hobo Bag Patterns - Over 40 designs!
43 of the best free Hobo Bag Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
If you're looking for a hobo or sling bag pattern, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find a collection of over forty free
hobo bag patterns gathered from all over the web!

A hobo bag, usually made from soft materials and characterized by its curved shape and “slouchy” appearance, is the bag to
choose when you're looking for a more casual handbag to carry.

And because hobo bags are ususally large, they can be a great choice when you need a bag to hold lots of “stuff,” but don't
want to carry something as large as a tote bag.

And if you will be carrying lots of “stuff” in your hobo or sling bag, consider reinforcing your bag by adding a lining to
it. Or, reinforce your bag by applying a layer of fusible interfacing to your fabric pieces before constructing the bag. Just
make sure to use a lighter-weight interfacing and test it on a swatch of your fabric first. A heavier interfacing could make
your fabric too stiff and keep your finished bag from “slouching” the way it should.

And a diy sling or hobo bag can be a great project for a beginner because it usually consists of simple shapes and has a basic
construction. And because a hobo bag has more of an unstructured look to it, the style will be more forgiving if sewing
mistakes are made.

(And if you think you'll want to be able to launder your finished bag, just make sure to preshrink your fabric first.)
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