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Messenger Bag
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29 of the best free Messenger Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
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Sew Messenger Bags with this collection of over twenty messenger-style bags and purses collected from all over the

And in case you're wondering, what defines a messenger bag is its flat, rectangular shape (shaped that way because
it's designed to carry papers) and a long shoulder strap that can be worn across the body, with the bag itself either
hanging down at your side or worn against your back. It also usually has a large flap closure.

If you plan to carry heavy items in your messenger bag (like books), be sure to make the bag from a durable fabric
like cotton canvas or denim. You may even want to line your fabric pieces with a layer of fusible interfacing for
added strength.

And if you’d like your messenger bag to be a bit larger than the ones you see here, you can probably size up the
pattern to suit your needs (enlarging it on a photocopier or on your computer, or simply cutting your fabric pieces
larger than the measurements specify). And feel free to adjust the length of the bag’s handle to suit your needs (a
few of the designs on this page use buckles that allow for strap adjustment of the finished bag).

And if you’re a beginner just learning how to sew, a messenger bag (one of the simpler designs) can be a great first
project because it consists of simple shapes and will likely be quick to make.

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Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #2: If there’s a crease down the middle of your yardage that you can’t press out and you
have pattern pieces that need to be placed on the fold line, try folding the top half of your
fabric down and the bottom half up so that the fabric's selvedges meet in the middle.

Tip #2: For clipping seam allowances, try using a craft knife instead of scissors.
And with your craft knife, cut
from the seam to the raw edge of your seam allowance. By
away from your seam like this, you’ll reduce the risk of accidentally cutting into your
Messenger Bag
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Messenger Bag
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Messenger Bag
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Messenger Bag

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