Misc. Free Bag Patterns
A collection of the best free Bag Patterns & Tutorials on the web
Sew all kinds of bags with this collection of free bag patterns & tutorials gathered from all over the web.

And because fabric bags often consist of simple shapes with few seams, they can be a great first project for a
beginner just learning how. A simple cloth bag can also be a great way to recycle/repurpose old clothing that's no
longer wearable.

And if you need your finished bag to be especially durable, you can, of course make it from a heavier weight fabric
such as denim or cotton canvas. But you can also try backing a lighter-weight fabric with a layer of fusible interfacing
for added durability (just remember that fusible interfacing stiffens fabric).

And if you want your fabric bag to be washable, remember to preshrink your fabric first so that your finished bag
won’t shrink after laundering (unless you’re making your bag from recycled clothing that has already been laundered.
Sewing Quick Tip: If you encounter dense embroidery or buttonhole stitching that you can’t seem to get under with
the tip of your seam ripper, try this technique: With good lighting, slide a straight pin underneath the stitching. Then
use the tip of a sharp razor blade to cut the stitching across the top of the pin, being careful not to cut any deeper.
The straight pin will not only lift the threads for you, but will provide a barrier to keep you from accidentally cutting
into your fabric.
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