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Compact Tote Bag
Annie Get Your Glue Gun
Simple Tote Bag
Sutton Grace
Spooky Treat Bags
Sew 4 Home
The Market Tote
Bijou Lovely Designs
The Two
Pillowcases Bag
The Sewing Dork
Charm Pack Tote
My Patchwork
Tote Bag
Chronicle Books
The Library Tote
Ruffled Tote Bag
Craftaholics Anonymous
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Pillowcase Tote
Elizabeth Abernathy
Organizing Tote
2 Little Hooligans
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Bag'n Telle
Naughty Secretary
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Wallet to Tote
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Linen Shopping Bag
Between the Lines
Strawberry Bag
i kat bag
It's a Cinch Book
Mudmuffins and...
Pretty Tote
Chocolate on my Cranium
Reusable Market
Living with Punks
Scrappy Linen Tote
I Like Orange
Easy Fat Quarter
Diary of a Quilter
Roll-up Shopping
Needle and Spatula
Tool Tub and Tote
Sew 4 Home
Quilted Tote Bag
All People Quilt
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Lazy Days Tote
All People Quilt
Recycled Denim
Crafting a Green World
Very Easy Tote Bag
Not So Fancy Nancy
1 Yard 1 Hour Tote
Lazy Girl Designs
Fabric Gift Bag
All People Quilt
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Denim Jeans Tote
Jimmie's Collage
Small Treat Totes
All People Quilt
Shopping Bag
Geta's Quilting Studio
Quilted Tote Bag
Moda Bake Shop
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Why not take a tote bag with you wherever you go for those unexpected times when an extra bag would come in
Ikat Bag makes a tote bag that can be "scrunched away" into an adorable strawberry-shaped pouch and
another that can be folded up into it's own zippered wallet. And because these bags take up so little space, you can
keep one in your glove compartment, the trunk of your car, or even your purse.

If you find yourself with lots of straight edges to cut (like those on a square-shaped tote bag), you may want to
invest in a rotary cutter and mat to save yourself time and hand fatigue, especially if your tote bag has additional
lining material to cut or a gusset that may require a long, narrow piece of fabric.

To add even more durability to a tote bag that will be used to carry heavy items (like books), you may want to
choose a bag design that has handles that run all the way down the sides of the bag instead of being attached just
at the top of the bag. And feel free to adjust any of these tote bag patterns to your needs, perhaps making your
bag wider, longer, shorter, or smaller. Or perhaps lengthening the handles of your tote for a bag you can
sling over your shoulder.

And making a tote bag can be a great way to use some up of your fabric stash. Or for using up smaller pieces of
fabric that aren't really large enough for another project (you can piece these smaller pieces together to make

larger sections for your bag - see some of the patchwork quilted bags and bags trimmed with fabric for inspiration).
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Simple Tote Bag
Cat's Giggle
Denim Tote Bag
Between the Lines
Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: To make scissor cutting easier, wipe the lint build-up from the scissor blades with a clean, soft
cloth after every few cuts. Your scissors will cut more smoothly and you'll experience less hand fatigue.

Tip #2: When sewing your next garment, consider using different kinds of interfacing for the different
parts of your project. For instance, if you're making a shirt, consider using one kind of interfacing for
the collar and another for the cuffs.
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