Reversible Tote Bag
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The Path Before Me
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Tote Bag
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Reversible Tote
Contemporary Cloth
More Bag-Making Projects from These Popular Books!
A Hot Scrappy Mess
Happy Together
Reversible Tote
Pillowcase Tote
The Share Point
Tote Bag
Smile and Wave
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Some tote bag style suggestions:

Make your tote bag reversible and you'll be able you to get more versatility from a single bag.

Make your tote bag from a waterproof material and you’ll be able to use the bag to carry damp items (like food or
beverages) and the bag becomes weatherproof.

Make your tote bag with a flat bottom and it becomes easy to set on a countertop for easy retrieval of items (like
groceries) (one disadvantage to a flat-bottomed bag, however, is that it can’t be easily “scrunched down” to a smaller
size for storage.

Give your tote bag an inner pocket for a way to easily store and retrieve smaller items like a cell phone or wallet.

Make your tote bag with a zippered top to keep your items from falling out.

Give your tote bag a quilted, insulated lining and a zippered top and it can serve as an insulated grocery tote to help
keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

Give the handles of your tote bag increased sturdiness by threading the handles through grommets instead of sewing
the handles directly to the bag.
Painted Tree Tote
Projects by Jess
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More Bag-Making Projects from These Popular Books!

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Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: If you've accidentally pressed a ridge into the right side of your fabric, you may be able
to get the ridge out. Try steaming the area and using a brush or your fingers to fluff the area
back up or try dampening the area with water from a spray bottle and re-pressing it.

Tip #2: When applying interfacing to your garment piece, feel free to apply more than one layer
to get the degree of stiffness, body, and support you want. You can do this with both fusible
and non-fusible interfacing.
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