263 of the best free Tote Bag Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
Free Tote Bag Patterns - Over 260 designs!
Sew tote bags with this collection of over 260 free tote bag patterns collected from all over the web.

Because tote bags are often used to carry heavy items (like books), it’s a good idea to use a heavy weight fabric like cotton
canvas for your bag. However, if you have your heart set on a lighter-weight fabric (perhaps because you’ve fallen in love
with a print), you can try strengthening your fabric either by doubling it or by backing the fabric with fusible interfacing.

And if you have a few pairs of denim jeans lying around that you no longer wear (maybe the style doesn’t suit you
anymore), try recycling/upcycling them into a tote bag. There are several bag designs on these pages that use old jeans, or
you can of course, substitute denim fabric for any other design you see here.

Why not use a fabric tote bag when shopping instead of the paper shopping bags department stores give you? You’ll probably
find the wider handle of a fabric bag more comfortable to carry, and it will be easier to fold up and put away than a paper
bag. Plus your fabric bag will look more “stylish” than a plastic or paper bag. And of course, using a reusable fabric bag in
place of plastic or paper grocery bags helps reduce waste.

And if you don’t see the exact tote bag project you’re looking for here, try going to the
Purse Patterns page. Some of the
larger handbags could easily be turned into tote bags. It may simply be a matter of shortening the handle of the bag. And
you might also try the main
Bag Patterns page for a listing of all of the types of bags you’ll find through this site.
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