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My Bird House
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A collection of the best free Apron Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
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Making an apron can be a great way to recycle old clothing (shirts, jeans, or even an old sweater), allowing you to
reuse the fabric and turn it into something useful again. And if you do choose to "upcycle" clothing in this way, it may
be easier for you to sew the item into a half-apron, which requires less fabric.

If you do have an old pair of jeans lying around that you no longer wear (perhaps they no longer fit or the style doesn’t
suit you anymore), there are several apron styles listed on these pages (both full and half aprons) that are made from
old jeans to provide you with inspiration. And just a reminder that if you’re going to be sewing denim, use a special
jeans or denim needle in your sewing machine. The thicker shaft of a denim needle will be able to pierce through your
heavier denim fabric easily and without breaking.

If you'll be sewing your apron from brand new fabric, remember to preshrink the fabric first (and any trims too),
especially if your fabric is a cotton or a cotton blend (this is assuming you'll be laundering your finished apron, which is
likely considering what an apron is meant to be used for). And with cotton fabric you may even want to launder it more
than once because cotton fabric doesn't always shrink its maximum amount with the first washing.
Quilt Block Apron
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Hand Towel Apron
A Little of This
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Phyllis Dobbs

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Make Do Apron
Mary Jane's Farm
Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: Try using a seam roll as your surface when pressing seams open. The rounded surface
of the seam roll will keep the edges of your seam allowances from pressing a ridge into the right
side of your fabric.

Tip #2: Fabric designs can sometimes be printed onto the fabric crookedly, which can be
exasperating to deal with. Therefore, before purchasing any print fabric, unroll a length of it
first to make sure the design has been printed on grain.
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