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If your dress calls for interfacing, perhaps inside a collar or a front band, here are a few tips for working with interfacing:

If you’re using fusible interfacing, make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure proper bonding to your
fabric. Interfacing that’s not properly adhered may bubble and come loose after a few washings/cleanings (for more detailed
instructions for how to apply interfacing, see
How to Apply Fusible Interfacing).

Always test the interfacing first on a scrap of your fabric before applying it to your garment pieces. This way, you'll be able
to determine if the interfacing has given your fabric the degree of body and stiffness you want and if the time and
temperature are correct for proper bonding.

Feel free to use different kinds of interfacing for the different parts of you garment – perhaps using a heavier interfacing for
a collar and a lighter interfacing for a front band.

Consider using a non-fusible interfacing sometimes. Fusible interfacings are convenient, but they tend to stiffen fabric, which
is a look and feel you may not always want. Plus, fusible interfacing isn't appropriate for some fabrics, such as fabrics that
are highly textured, napped fabrics like velvet, fabrics that can’t take the heat of an iron like metallics, vinyl, beaded or
sequined fabrics, and open-weave fabrics like lace or meshes.
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