12 Free Wrap & Shawl Patterns to Sew
Sew shawls and wraps with this collection of eleven free patterns & tutorials for fabric wraps and shawls.

And because a wrap or shawl usually consists of a single piece of fabric cut into a simple shape, it can make a
great first project for a beginner who’s just learning how to sew. It can also make a great project for an
experienced seamstress because it can usually be whipped up quickly in an evening, giving her the satisfaction of
a completed project.  

And since most of the sewing for a wrap or shawl consists of hemming raw edges, here are some tips for
hemming your wrap:

To more easily sew a narrow hem (if you don’t have a foot for this purpose or don’t know how to use it), turn
your fabric under ¼”, then sew very close to the folded edge of your fabric. Trim the raw edge close to the
stitching, then turn your fabric under another 1/8”. Then sew your hem.

Or, instead of hemming the edges of your wrap or shawl, give it a lining. To do this, simply place two pieces of
fabric right sides together and stitch along the edges (leaving an opening for turning). Then turn your wrap right
side out and press.

And if you want to avoid hemming altogether, make your wrap from fleece or another fabric that doesn't ravel.
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Sewing Quick Tip:

When sewing stripes & plaids, before you actually sew the seams, consider hand-basting the
seams first. This pre-basting will keep your fabric from shifting out of alignment as it’s being
sewn. This does take extra time to do, but the result will be stripe or plaid lines that match
perfectly along the seam lines, making your item look more professional.
A collection of great wrap and shawl projects to sew
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