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Free Hair Accessory Patterns - Over 30 designs
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Head Scarf
Altered Cloth
Trim Headband
Sweet Little
Me and My Girl
Hair Band
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Rose Barrette
Hair Scrunchie
Gone Aussie Quilting
Girl's Hair Clip
Blue Bird Studio
Best Headband
Headband Cover
MMM Crafts
Hair Scrunchie
Floral Headband
Headband with Ties
Altered Cloth
Easy Ribbon
Altered Cloth
Wide Headband
Altered Cloth
Hooray for
Heather Baily Designs
Bluebird Studio
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Felt Hair Clips
During Quiet Time
Bow Tie Clips
Goody Goody
A collection of 41 of the best free Hair Accessory tutorials on the web!
Note: An asterisk (*) next to a project indicates that it's a PDF file.
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*Patterns marked with an asterisk (*) indicate a PDF file.
Let’s sew hair accessories! Here you’ll find a collection of over thirty great headband, barrette, and fabric scrunchie
patterns and tutorials from all over the web.

Have fun sewing your hair accessories by using colorful fabrics. Or better yet, because hair accessory projects require
very little fabric, they can be a great way to use up those little scraps of fabric you have lying around that were leftover
from other projects.

And if you'll be making a stretch headband and working with a knit fabric (or sewing through elastic), just remember to use
a ballpoint or stretch needle in your sewing machine (this needle is made to slide between the fibers of your knit fabric
instead of piercing them). And sew your seams with a special stretch stitch or a tiny zigzag stitch (if you don't have a
serger) so that your seams will stretch with your fabric.

A few of the projects listed call for working with felt, which can be a great fabric for a beginner to work with because it
doesn’t fray and therefore doesn’t need hemming or seam finishing.

And many of these project don’t even require a sewing machine and just call for simple hand-stitching instead.
Hair Clips
Moda Bake Shop
Cute Hair Clips
The Paper Seed

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No-slip Headband
Positively Splendid
Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: For clipping seam allowances, try using a craft knife instead of scissors. Use a cutting
mat and cut
from the seam to the raw edge of your seam allowance. This will reduce the risk of
accidentally cutting into your seam.

Tip #2: When choosing a pattern for a lace or mesh fabric, choose a simple designs with few
seams or design details. The fabric itself will add all the interest you need.
Ribbon Loop
Me Sew Crazy
New! - 1/4/14
Big Bow
New! - 1/4/14
Ruffly Flower
New! - 1/4/14
Tattered Flower
Sew 4 Home
New! - 1/4/14
Sparkle Headband
Leafy Treetop Spot
New! - 1/4/14