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Free Chair Cushion Patterns - Over 30 designs!
So, of course the practical function of a chair pad is to make a hard chair feel more
comfortable. But a nice chair pad can also help spruce up an old chair and even add
a bit of whimsy, especially if you choose to add embellishments to your cushions
such as ruffles, piping, or ties. And a cushion can also help a chair coordinate better
with your room's décor with the right fabric. And a set of matching cushions can
also help add unity to a set of mismatched chairs.

And of course the main benefit of making your own chair cushions is that you can
customize the size and shape of the pads to the size and shape of your chair. Plus
you'll be able to add just the right amount of cushioning for your comfort level.

Use a thicker fabric for your cushions so that they'll be able to withstand consistent
wear and tear. And if your cushions will be used on outdoor furniture, use an
outdoor fabric for added durability (or you can simply be prudent about bringing
the covers inside in bad weather).

And if your cushion covers will be removable and you plan on laundering them, it's a
good idea to pre-wash your fabric to prevent shrinkage of your finished covers.
This way, after laundering, they'll still easily fit over your pads.
Make your own chair pads and cushions with the help of this collection of over thirty
free chair cushion patterns, tutorials, and diy sewing projects gathered from all over
the web!

Here you'll find instructions for making square, rectangular, and round chair
cushions, flat cushions that will add just a little bit of padding to a chair seat, and
chunky foam cushions that are several inches thick.
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