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A collection of the best free Pillow Patterns & Tutorials on the web
Because pillows often consist of simple shapes and can be quick to make, they can make an ideal first
project for a beginner who's just learning how to sew. Just be sure the beginner chooses a simple design,
avoiding pillows that require the addition of ruffles or other trims.

And remember that if you plan to sew your pillow from several different fabrics, be sure to test each
fabric first for colorfastness if you want to be able to launder your finished pillow. Also, be sure to
preshrink your fabrics too.

Note: If a project below includes a printable pattern, you’ll see a “p” next to its title. If a project doesn’t
include a pattern template, it likely consists of simple fabric shapes (like squares and rectangles) that
you can easily measure and cut yourself. And note that some projects may be designed for a specific
type of sewing machine. However, if a project you like calls for, say, complex embroidery stitches and
you have just a simple zigzag machine, you can try experimenting with a satin stitch, hand-embroidering
a design, or adding purchased embellishments instead.
Note: Clicking any of the following links will take you to another website unless otherwise indicated.
Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: If you don’t have a needle board to press your napped fabric and the pile of your napped
fabric is relatively short, try using a thick terrycloth towel under the fabric. Just place the fabric
napped side down onto the towel and lightly press.

Tip #2: When sewing a dart, don’t backstitch to secure the thread ends, which can cause your
fabric to pucker. Instead, start your stitching at the top of the dart, continue to sew right off your
fabric without backstitching, then tie off and knot the loose thread ends.
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