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157 of the best free Table Runner Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
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Easy Table Runner
Positively Splendid
Ribbon Table Runner
The Ribbon Retreat
Spring Table Runner
Mama Says Sew
Sew table runners with this collection of over one hundred free table runner patterns & tutorials gathered from all over
the web.

A table runner not only gives you a pretty way to dress up a table, but also serves the practical purpose of providing
protection for your bare table against wear and scratches. But even if you're using a table cloth, a table runner can add
an additional festive touch. And feel free to change your table runners to reflect the holidays or a change in season.

And one of the simpler table runner designs can make a great first project for a beginner just learning how to sew. And
any of the patchwork designs can be a great way to use up any colorful fabric scraps you may have leftover from other

And just remember that if you'll be laundering your finished table runner (it's bound to be the recipient of a little spilled
food here and there), to preshrink your fabric first (and any trims too) in the same water and dryer temperature in
which you'll be laundering your finished runner. And if you'll be using several fabrics of varying colors, you may want to
test each fabric first for colorfastness before sewing your runner.
Tricky Table Runner
Spool Sewing
Sumertime Table
All People Quilt
On-Point Table
All People Quilt
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Bloom Table
Tumbling Table