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Free Patterns & Projects - Feminine Products
If a project includes a printable pattern, you’ll see a “p” next to its title. If a project doesn’t include a
pattern template, don’t despair! It likely consists of simple fabric shapes (like squares and rectangles)
that you can easily measure and cut yourself.

Note that some projects may be designed for a specific type of sewing machine. But don’t let that
discourage you! If a project you like calls for, say, complex embroidery stitches and you have just a
simple zigzag machine, you can try experimenting with a satin stitch, hand-embroidering a design, or
adding purchased embellishments instead.

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Sewing Quick Tip:

As you start to
sew a seam, hold
your upper and
bobbin thread tails
back and out of the
way for your first
couple of stitches.
This will keep your
thread from
getting pulled
down into the
bobbin area and
jamming your
Sewing Quick Tip:

To extend the life
of your thread –
especially natural
fiber thread, which
can become brittle
over time – store it
out of the light
because UV rays
can cause thread
to deteriorate. Also
store your thread
where it will be
protected from
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