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Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: To strengthen ribbing that has stretched out of shape, treat it like a casing and insert a piece of wide elastic
through it. Cut a vertical slit through the wrong side of the ribbing, insert the elastic through the ribbing, sew the ends
of the elastic together, then sew the slit in the ribbing closed.

Tip #2: Lining fabric can change the way your fashion fabric drapes. Therefore, don’t choose a lining based only on its
looks. Actually drape the lining fabric over your hand, together with your fashion fabric to make sure you like the look
and feel of the two layers together.

Tip #3: If you have some difficult stitching to remove, perhaps a tight zigzag stitch from a buttonhole that didn't come
out quite right, try using a razor blade to remove the stitching instead of a seam ripper. Take a straight pin and slide it
under the stitches. Then carefully cut through the stitches with your razor blade. The straight pin will protect the fabric
underneath from accidentally being cut.

Tip #4: When making an item from several fabrics, always make sure the fabrics have similar care instructions. For
example, you probably wouldn't want to make an item of a washable fabric with a lining fabric that must be dry cleaned.
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