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Free Purse Patterns - Over 450 Designs!
Over 450 of the best free Purse Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
Make purses and bags with this collection of over 450 purse and handbag patterns & tutorials gathered from all over
the web – sew hobo bags, messenger bags, clutch bags, zippered pouches, coin purses, evening bags, and more!

Because handbags are often small (especially coin purses), be especially accurate when cutting out your fabric pieces. A
piece that’s cut just a tiny bit off – a bit inside or outside of the cutting line - can make a noticeable difference in the
look of your finished bag or result in pieces that don’t fit together right. And if your pattern happens to have the
seamlines printed on it, consider transferring these lines to your fabric pieces to ensure even greater accuracy when
sewing your seams (instead of relying on the edge of your fabric as a guide as you sew).

And if you're making your purse from a pattern and the pieces aren’t labeled, go ahead and label them (“front,” “back,”
“pocket,” “strap,” etc.) because purses are often made from simple geometric shapes that can easily be confused with
one another. Also label which pieces are top, bottom, right, and left.

And be sure to use a durable thread for your bag because it will likely be subjected to lots of stress with everyday use.
Synthetic and silk threads are generally more durable than cotton threads, and of course, thicker threads (like
upholstery thread) are usually stronger than finer threads.
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