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A collection of the best free Stuffed Animal Patterns on the web!
To create a nice, sharp corner in a very deep angle that will be turned (like those often found on a shirt collar, but
in this case, possibly a stuffed animal ear!) sew a
squared-off corner instead of a pointy corner. Doing this will
actually give you a sharper corner once your item is turned.

To do this, stop stitching a little more than 5/8" (or whatever your seam allowance is) from the edge of your fabric.
Leave your needle down in your fabric, lift your presser foot, and pivot your fabric 45 degrees. Place your presser
foot down and sew one or two stitches. Leave your needle down in your fabric, lift your presser foot again, and
pivot your fabric until the next fabric edge is against the seam guide. Put your presser foot down and continue

When sewing around a curve (such as the tip of a stuffed animal paw, the top of a stuffed animal ear, or the
circumference of a stuffed animal head), try switching to a smaller stitch length, which may help you sew the curve
more accurately.

And just a word of caution: If you’re making a stuffed animal intended for a baby or toddler, don't add any buttons
or embellishments that could accidentally come off and become a choking hazard.
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