Free Sewing Patterns - Over 4500 Patterns!
Welcome to the Free Sewing Patterns & Projects section at! Providing easy access to over 4,500
of the best free sewing patterns & projects on the web! And all organized by category so you can easily find the
project you’re looking for.

How this section came about: I saw that there were tons of amazing free sewing patterns and tutorials out there on
the web (especially from quite a few very talented craft and sewing bloggers) but many of these patterns were
scattered and couldn't easily be found through doing a quick Google search.

So I decided to gather as many of these patterns as I could find and put them "all in one place," so to speak. This
makes the patterns and tutorials much easier to find, saving you the time and energy it would take to find them

And because bloggers and sewers are out there creating and posting new projects all the time, I'm constantly
updating the pages in this section, adding new patterns as I find them. And if you're a blogger or website owner
yourself and have a sewing pattern or tutorial you'd like to see listed here, feel free to email me at (Just keep in mind I may not be able to post it immediately because of time constraints.)

Happy sewing!
Over 4500 of the best free sewing patterns on the web!
Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: If you have a garment that came out beautifully, but a buttonhole that didn’t, try this fix:
Cover the buttonhole with a patch of fabric, folding under the edges and topstitching it to your
garment. Then you can re-sew the buttonhole. Use the same fabric as your garment if you want the
buttonhole patch to be less noticeable. Or, use a contrasting fabric if you want to make a design
statement. Another idea is to sew a long strip of fabric or ribbon down the front of your garment,
covering all of your buttonholes, then re-sew all the buttonholes.

Tip #2: Sewing machine needles become dull with use. Therefore it’s a good idea to change your
sewing machine needle at the start of every project or after about eight hours of continuous sewing.
So if you hear a thumping noise as you sew or if your needle won’t go through your fabric (especially
a thick fabric like denim or several bulky layers), the problem may not be with your sewing machine,
your needle may be simply be dull.
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