Sewing Techniques
For even more sewing techniques, see Garment Construction
Below you'll find a collection of sewing articles from all over the web to help you master
specific sewing techniques and improve your craft!

Machine Buttonholes, part 2: Style Savvy (pdf)

Step by Step Directions to Sew Bound Buttonholes

Bungled Buttonholes

How to Hand Sew a Blanket Stitch or Buttonhole Stitch


Fold-down casings (pdf)

Applied Casings (pdf)

Easy Waistband Casings -- Elastic and Drawstrings (pdf)

Sewing a Skirt or Pants with a Drawstring Waist


Tips and Tricks to Sew Corners

Conquering Inset Corners (video)


Bungled Buttonholes

Sewing 911: What to do When a Garment is Too Tight (pdf)

Replacing a Button (pdf)

How to Replace a Broken Jeans Zipper

Hand Sewing - click here


Hems (pdf)

Simple Hems (pdf)

Mastering the Narrow Hemmer, Part One

Mastering the Narrow Hemmer, Part Two

Mastering the Narrow Hemmer, Part Three

How to Use a Sewing Machine Blind Hem Stitch

How to Mark an Even Pants Hem

How To Hem Pants

Hemming Jeans (pdf)

The Scalloped Hem

Interfacing - Click here

Laying Out & Cutting                                         

Pattern Layouts

How to Straighten Fabric Grain (

SewBasic: Grainline (pdf)

Straightening Fabric Grain (pdf)

Fabric Grain - Lengthwise, Crosswise and Bias

Straightening the Grain on Fluid Fabrics (video)  

Preparing to Sew: Fabric & Pattern Preparation (pdf)

Cutting Out


How to Mark Fabric (

Marking Tools (pdf)

Understanding Pattern Markings Part 1 (pdf)

Understanding Pattern Markings Part 2 (pdf)

How to Transfer Pattern Markings


How to Pin a Seam

Fabric that Can't be Pinnned

Pressing - Click Here

Seam Finishes - Click here

Seams & Stitching (general) - Click here


Staystitching (pdf)

Back To Basics: Staystitching

Basic Directional Stitching to Sew Stay Stitching and Seams


Tools for Topstitchng


Tube Turners Part 1 (pdf)

Tube Turners Part 2 (pdf)

Zippers - Click here

More great sewing information:                     

Sewing Techniques from Simplicity
a collection of basic sewing tips

Husqvarna Viking's "The Sewing Room"
step by step video instruction for many basic sewing techniques

More Sewing Resources!

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Learn to Sew
a series of lessons to teach you to sew

Garment Construction
a collection of articles for sewing garments

Fitting How-to
a collection of garment-fitting articles

Working with Fabric
a collection of fabric articles

Working with Patterns
a collection of pattern how-to articles
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Sewing Quick Tips:

If you need to duplicate a pattern, try using waxed paper. It’s lightweight, see-through, and
most of us have it on hand in our cupboard. And if you need larger pieces, just tape it

When hand-basting finer fabrics, use a fine, silk thread. It’s less likely to leave noticeable holes
behind in your fabric once it’s removed.

When sewing lightweight fabrics, don’t backstitch to secure the thread ends. This can cause
your fabric to pucker. Instead, as you near the edge of your fabric, switch to a very fine
stitch, then continue stitching to the end of your fabric. The finer stitch should be enough to
keep your thread end from coming loose.

For more great sewing tips click here.
Sewing Quick Tip:

To extend the life
of your thread –
especially thread
from natural
fibers, which can
become brittle over
time – store it out
of the light
because UV rays
can cause thread
to deteriorate. Also
store your thread
where it will be
protected from
Sewing Quick Tip:

Pressing over pins isn’
t usually
recommended. But if
you must press over
pins, use flat-head or
no-head metal pins.
They’re less likely to
leave a permanent
impression in your
fabric and won’t melt
under the heat of an
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