Overcast/Overedged Seam Finish


    This is a special machine stitch that looks like a combination of straight and zigzag stitches. It’s
    sewn close to or over the raw edge of the seam allowance.

Suitable For

    Most fabrics


    Effective at keeping the raw edges of a seam allowance from fraying. Adds little bulk to the
    seam allowance.


    You must have a sewing machine capable of making this stitch. Doesn’t look as neat and clean
    as some other methods.

How to Make

    Trim the raw edge of the seam allowance (to make a clean edge). Set your machine to the
    proper stitch design (consult your manual). Stitch so that the point of the overcast stitch falls at
    or just beyond the raw edge of the seam allowance.

    You can either press the seam allowance open and overcast each edge separately or leave the
    seam allowances together, overcast them together, and press the seam allowance to one side.

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