My Thread Keeps Breaking
Reposition the spool of thread on the spindle

    You know that little nick in the edge of a spool that’s used
    to hold the loose end of the thread? Your thread may be
    catching on this nick as you sew. Place your spool so that
    this nick rests against the bottom of the spindle.

Reinsert your needle

    Make sure it goes all the way into the holder and that it’s
    positioned correctly, usually with the flat side away from the
    bobbin, but consult your machine’s manual to be sure.

Change your needle

    Your needle may be bent or dull. The eye of your needle may
    have a nick in it that’s cutting the thread as you sew. Or the
    eye of your needle may be too small for your thread, in
    which case, change to a larger needle. And make sure your
    needle is appropriate for the weight and type of your fabric.

Change your thread

    Your thread may be weak. Or your thread may be fuzzy and
    irregular, causing it to catch in the eye of your needle as you
    sew. Cheap thread tends to be weak and fuzzy, so make
    sure to use a quality, brand name thread. And if you’ve been
    sewing with an older cotton thread, which can dry out and
    become brittle with age, try a newer thread.

Check your presser foot for damage to the needle hole

    A burr in your presser foot’s needle hole may be cutting
    your thread. Gently smooth any rough spot you find with an
    emery cloth.


    There may be a burr in one of your thread guides, in which
    case, you may need to have your machine professionally
    serviced to have the part replaced.

If your lower thread is breaking:

Reinsert your bobbin

    Your bobbin may not be seated properly in its case.

Rethread your bobbin

    Your bobbin may be threaded incorrectly or the thread may
    be tangled.

Remove some of the thread from your bobbin

    If your bobbin is very full (if it’s hard to insert into the case,
    it’s too full), this may be keeping your bobbin from turning

Rewind your bobbin thread

    If your bobbin thread is wound unevenly, this may be
    keeping your bobbin from turning smoothly.

Try a new bobbin

    There could be a nick along the edge of your bobbin spool
    that’s catching your thread as you sew.

Clean the lint from your bobbin case

    Lint in your bobbin case could be keeping your bobbin from
    working properly.

Check the needle hole in your throat plate for rough spots

    A burr in the needle hole of your throat plate (usually caused
    by the needle hitting the throat plate) could be cutting your
    thread. Gently smooth any rough spot you find with an
    emery cloth.
If your upper thread is breaking:

Rethread your machine

    An incorrectly threaded machine can
    cause thread to break.

Decrease the tension on your machine

    The tension may be too tight for your
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Still having problems?

Try visiting your
sewing machine manufacturer's website. They may have a troubleshooting
guide specific to your machine.

Also, you may want to try posting your question on one of the many
sewing forums.
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