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A directory of over 170 online fabric retailers
Buy fabric online with the help of this directory of over 170 online fabric retailers.

And what's great, of course, about buying fabric online is that you get a much larger selection of fabrics to choose
from than what you'd find in most brick and mortar fabric stores. Plus, you have the convenience of being able to shop
24 hours a day.

However the main drawback of buying fabric online is that you don’t get to see and feel a fabric first before placing
your order. And it can be tricky trying to determine a fabric’s true color, drape, and texture from an image on a
computer screen. And even if the retailer provides a good description of the fabric, that still may not be enough.

Therefore, before ordering a fabric, make sure you know what the retailer's return policy is. Will they take a fabric
back that's not as you expected?

Also, find out if you can order swatches, especially if an exact color match is important to you and/or the retailer
doesn't accept returns. However, the drawback to ordering swatches first is that a fabric may only be available in
limited quantities and could run out by the time you’re ready to place your order.

Before placing an order with a company, you might also want to check out
sewing forums for reviews. Members
sometimes share their experiences with online fabric retailers, and you may be able to get an idea of the quality of a
company's fabrics, how good their customer service is, etc. before placing your order.
Please note: This list is simply a directory, not an endorsement of any of the retailers listed.  As you
would with any online business, please use your own good judgement when ordering.
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Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: When applying interfacing (either fusible or non-fusible) to your garment piece, feel
free to apply more than one layer to get the degree of stiffness, body, and support you want.

Tip #2: Consider using non-fusible interfacing on sheer white fabrics because the adhesive
dots from fusible interfacing can show through to the right side of sheer fabrics.
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Adrianne’s Attic
heirloom fabrics

Along Came Quilting (Canada)
quilting fabrics & supplies

Ah! Kimono
Japanese Kimono fabrics

Anything Stretch (Canada)
stretch fabrics

Apple Annie Fabrics
designer fabrics

Atlantis Fabrics
patchwork madras, organic cotton, madras plaids

Aurora Silk
naturally dyed silk, cotton, hemp

B. Black & Sons
fine wools & silks

B&J Fabrics
high-end fabrics from all over the world

Baltazor Fabric Boutique
bridal & heirloom fabrics

The Bamboo Fabric Store
bamboo fabrics
home decorating fabrics, bridal fabrics

House of Tartan (Scotland)
tartan plaids

all kinds of fabrics

International Fabric Collection
quilting fabrics from around the world

Italy Fabric
imported home decor fabrics

Jacquard Silk Connection
ready-to-dye silk, cotton, & linen fabrics

Janet A. Smith
hand-dyed fabrics

Jasco Fabrics
Organic fabrics
all kinds of fabrics

Kona Bay Fabrics
Asian fabrics

Kyoto Kimono
vintage Japanese and other fabrics
*Sites marked with an asterisk only take orders by phone, fax, or mail, not through their website.