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20 Free Car Organizer Sewing Patterns

**Please scroll down the page for the links to the free patterns**

Keep your car organized with the help of this collection of twenty free car organizer patterns, tutorials, and diy sewing projects gathered from all over the web!


Most of these designs are for back-of-the-seat (or front) organizers, which are great for corralling kid stuff like books, tablets, wipes, snacks, and drinks. And if you switch your seat organizer to the front, it can become a great way to keep adult stuff like cell phones, sunglasses, tissues, pens and notepads organized.

No more rummaging around, looking through a pile of disorganized stuff while trying to keep your eyes on the road. So in this way, a fabric organizer can actually help keep you safer while driving.

And you'll also find a couple of great organizing bins you can make for your trunk or the floor of your car and a couple of cute baskets for trash.


And what's great about making your own car organizer, is that you can customize it to fit your own car seat perfectly. And you can make it stylish in addition to being practical by choosing fun festive fabrics (or simply colors that coordinate with your car's interior).

And to make your organizer more durable (because stuff will constantly be getting placed or shoved into and out of pockets), you may find the following tips helpful: Choose a slightly thicker fabric for your organizer, such as a twill or mid-weight canvas. But if you want to use a lighter weight fabric for your organizer, you may be able to add strength to it by backing it with fusible interfacing. Reinforce where the straps attach to the body of your organizer with several rows of stitching. Or create holes for the straps and reinforce the holes with grommets. And reinforce the tops of any pockets with additional stitching.

Substitute mesh for your outer fabric to enable you to see what's stored in your car seat organizer. And if you're making a trash bucket, considering lining it with a water resistant fabric such as laminated cotton or ripstop nylon.


Also, this page may contain affiliate links, which means I may make a commission if you purchase something from one of these websites (but the patterns linked to should be free).


Free Car Organizer Patterns