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50+ Easy Sewing Patterns for Beginners
And here are a few tips a beginner may find helpful:

Choose a simple design for your first project (all of the patterns and tutorials on
these pages were chosen for their simple design and construction) - preferably with
just a few fabric pieces and straight seams. And a design with few or no details like
inner pockets or plackets or complex fasteners like zippers or buttonholes. And if
you're sewing a item of clothing, choose a basic design with very few seams and
that's meant to fit loosely on the body so that no fitting will be required.

The best fabric for a first project is probably a medium weight woven fabric like a
cotton broadcloth, which should be pretty easy for a beginner to handle. But if you
decide to choose a knit fabric for your first project, just make sure to use a ball
point needle in your sewing machine which will slide between the threads of your
knit fabric instead of cutting through them. You may want to stay away from
slippery fabrics like satin, which can be tricky to handle. And you may want to stay
away from heavier fabrics like denim for a first project, which can also be tricky to
handle and sew. Also, choose a solid color or random print for your first project
instead of a stripe or plaid, which need matching at the seam lines. And in fact a
small to medium scale random print could help hide any sewing mistakes you
happen to make.

Also, always use a new, sharp needle in your sewing machine for each new project.
Needles can dull over time and a dull needle may not go through your fabric easily
and could even damage it.
If you're a beginner just learning how to sew, you've come to the right place! Here
you'll find over fifty free sewing patterns simple and easy enough for a beginner to
sew (and hopefully, fun to make). Sew quick and easy bags, purses, quilts, skirts,
dresses, and more!
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