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20 Easy Square Quilt Patterns
No complex or intricate fabric piecing is required and there are no stretchy fabric
bias edges to deal with (as opposed to quilts made with triangular fabric pieces). It
can also be a great quilt design for an experienced quilter looking for a quick-to-
make project. Make your quilt with larger squares and it'll stitch up super fast.

But don't assume that this simple quilt design has to be boring. You can add lots of
visual interest to your quilt by choosing a variety of fabrics in light, medium, and
dark colors and a variety of small, medium, and large prints. Also, a quilt with large
squares can be a great way to showcase a beautiful fabric because the focus will be
on the fabric itself and less on the quilt design.

And if you are in fact new to quilting, you may find the following tips helpful:

Since most quilts are designed with a quarter inch seam allowance, there's little
room for error when sewing your fabric pieces together. Therefore, you may want
to choose a design with larger fabric squares, which will be more forgiving if your
seam allowances are off by a bit. Or better yet, you may want to sew your quilt
from “charm pack” fabric squares and save yourself the cutting altogether. Also, by
sewing your quilt from pre-cut fabric pieces, you'll have the benefit of knowing your
squares have been accurately cut.

Also consider pre-washing your fabrics before constructing your quilt (some quilters
do this, others think its unnecessary) to help keep your finished quilt from
shrinking or fabric dyes from bleeding onto one another.
Make an easy quilt using fabric squares with this collection of over twenty free
square quilt patterns gathered from all over the web! And A simple square quilt is
the perfect quilt design for the beginner.
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