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75+ Free Maxi Dress Patterns
So, what exactly defines a “maxi” dress? Well, it's generally considered to be a
more casual, floor-length dress (as opposed to a formal gown), with a semi-fitted
top and a loose, flowing, floor-length skirt (however, some maxi dresses have a
more slender, fitted design).

And what's great about a maxi dress is that it can make you look more dressed up
while allowing you to still feel comfortable. And it's often a favorite choice for
summer attire (it can make a great summer lounge dress), its loose-fitting style
helping to keep you cool and comfortable in hot weather. And depending on the
design, it can make a great maternity dress that can usually still be worn even after
the baby arrives.

Make your maxi dress more sporty and casual by choosing one of the tank or short-
sleeve designs and sewing your dress from a knit or woven cotton fabric. Or create
a dressier maxi dress by choosing one of the more “flowy” designs, perhaps one
with a ruffled bottom, and sewing it from a more delicate fabric. And making a maxi
dress can be a great opportunity to experiment with a large, bold print because the
long skirt portion of the dress can really showcase a larger print well.

And one of the great things about making your own maxi dress (as opposed to
purchasing a ready-made dress off-the-rack) is that you can easily adjust the hem
to the perfect length for you. Hem your dress so that it just brushes the top of
your toes (or shorter), because a longer hem may cause you to trip over the dress.
Sew your own maxi dress with this collection of over seventy-five free maxi dress
patterns and tutorials (many of which are simple and easy to make) gathered from
all over the web!
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