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54 of the best free Baby Leggings Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
Make baby leggings and baby leg warmers with this collection of over fifty free baby leggings patterns gathered from all
over the web!

As you probably already know, a colorful pair of baby leggings not only serves the practical purpose of helping to keep
your baby warm, but they can also be a quick and easy way to dress up an outfit. Have fun with colorful fabrics. And for
a baby girl, consider dressing up your baby leggings by embellishing them with lace or ruffles.

Making a pair of baby leg warmers can be a great way to repurpose an old pair of thick, grown-up knee socks (plus,
your baby leggings will have a fuzzy “knitted” look to them without the need to actually pick up a knitting needle). And
whipping up a pair of baby leg warmers from a new pair of inexpensive socks (or several pair) can make a quick and
easy, homemade baby shower gift.

Or, make a pair of baby leggings from an old sweater. If you use the rib knit of the sweater for the bottom cuffs of your
leggings, you won't need to hem them. And making a pair of baby leggings can also be a great way to recycle an old

And since sewing your baby leggings involves working with knit fabric, just remember to use ballpoint needle in your
sewing machine and to use a
stretch stitch (if your sewing machine has this option) or a tiny zig zag stitch when sewing
your seams. This way, your baby leggings will stretch along the seams when they're worn.
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Free Baby Leggings Patterns - over 50 designs!
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