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60+ Free Cloth Diaper Patterns
Cloth diapers (as you probably already know) can be a great way to save money
over disposable diapers because, of course, they can be used over and over again.
And prefold diapers or “flats” can be an even cheaper option for those on a tighter
budget because all you basically need for a flat/prefold diaper is a large piece of
absorbent material.

And don't feel that you have to use brand new fabric for your cloth diapers. Some
sewers have had great success reusing old t-shirts, receiving blankets, and old
flannel sheets.

But whether you decide to sew your diapers from new or “repurposed” fabric, the
important factors to look for in a fabric are that it is 100% cotton (or mostly
cotton) (some other natural fibers can also work well), is absorbent, and is sturdy
enough to hold up to frequent washings in hot water. And with brand new fabric,
just make sure to preshrink it several times to make sure the fabric has shrunk its
maximum amount before sewing your diapers from it.

Fitted cloth diapers are often sewn with a serger, which can make the task of
sewing your diaper faster and give the finished diaper cleaner edge. However, a
serger isn't a necessity. You can sew your diapers using an overcast or zigzag
stitch or you can sew your diaper right sides together, then turn it and topstitch
for a clean edge.

And of course, by making your own cloth diapers, you can customize the fit of the
diapers and have fun choosing colorful fabrics.
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Make your own cloth diapers with this collection of over sixty free cloth diaper
patterns and templates gathered from all over the web!
**Please scroll down the page for the links to the free patterns**