Gift Bag Patterns - 15 designs
A collection of the best free Gift Bag Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: To prevent bulk when running elastic through a waistband casing, butt the ends of the elastic together
instead of overlapping them. You can do this by taking a short piece of wide ribbon and stitching both ends of
the elastic to it.

Tip #2: Thick pins can ruin finer, denser fabrics by leaving behind noticeable holes. Therefore, use pins labeled
thin, extra fine, or silk. These thinner pins will be less likely to mar your finer fabrics.

Tip #3: When pressing velvet or other napped fabrics, it’s important to lay the napped side of the fabric against
a needle board to keep the pile from being crushed. If, however, you don’t have a needle board, you can use
another piece of velvet in place of a needle board – a piece you don’t intend to use for another purpose and that
has a very plush, deep pile. To use the velvet piece, place it face up on your ironing board and the item to be
pressed face down onto the velvet piece and lightly press.
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