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You can use pretty much any fabric you like for your handbag (with the possible exception of knit fabrics, which will
likely stretch out of shape once you load your finished bag down with stuff), but if you’re working with a light to medium-
weight fabric, it’s a good idea to interface the fabric first. Applying fusible interfacing to your fabric pieces will make your
finished handbag more durable and will provide more structure to the bag. And even a very thick fabric can benefit from
being interfaced.

And if you don’t want to interface your entire bag, at least apply interfacing to the top flap of the bag, which usually
contains some type of closure that will be subject to stress and therefore needs to be more durable.

Use an interfacing that is slightly lighter in weight than your handbag fabric. A woven interfacing will likely be more
durable than a non-woven interfacing and will move and drape better with your fabric. And it’s a good idea to test
different types and weights of interfacing before applying the interfacing to your actual handbag pieces. Apply the
interfacing to large scraps of your bag fabric and observe the weight, drape, and feel of the fabric. You'll then be able to
determine which interfacing you like best.

To reduce bulk, you may want to trim the seam allowances off of your interfacing before fusing it to your fabric pieces.
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