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A collection of the best free Purse and Handbag Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
If you’re a beginner just learning how to sew, a purse or handbag can be a great first sewing project. Just be sure to
choose a design with simple shapes and little detail. And making a purse can also be a great way to use up fabric scraps
left over from other projects (especially the smaller coin purses or zippered pouches, which take very little fabric). You
can even try piecing smaller scraps of fabric together into one larger piece, to create a colorful patchwork design.

And if you have a few pairs of denim jeans lying around that you no longer wear (maybe they no longer fit or the style
doesn’t suit you anymore), there are several purse designs on these pages that use old jeans, allowing you to
recycle/upcycle them into something you can use (just remember to use a thicker needle when sewing through denim).

Want a larger or smaller purse? If the pattern is simple, you can probably size it up or down to suit your needs (resizing
the pattern on a photocopier or on your computer). This would probably be trickier to do with a more complex pattern,
though. And feel free to adjust the length of the bag’s handle to suit your needs.

And If you don’t see the exact purse design you’re looking for on these pages, try the
Free Tote Bag Patterns section.
Many of the tote bag designs on these pages can easily be used as handbags. Sometimes all you have to do is shorten
the handle.
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