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A collection of the best free Purse and Handbag Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
More Purse-making tips:

If you’re making your purse from a sheer fabric, instead of interfacing the sheer fabric itself, try this: Choose a heavier
weight fabric, interface this fabric, lay your sheer fabric on top of it, and baste the two layers together along the outer
edges. Then treat the two fabric layers as one when sewing your bag.

Once you start sewing through several thickness of fabric, like where several seams merge or when attaching the handle
to your bag, you may want to change to a thicker sewing machine needle, which will penetrate through the layers more
easily, even if you’re sewing a light to medium weight fabric.

Because you’ll likely be doing a lot of turning during the construction of your handbag, make sure to securely backstitch
the ends of all your seams. And try using the handle of a wooden spoon for pressing your seams open. With bag making,
you often need to get into tiny crevasses (especially with smaller bags) that larger pressing tools like seam rolls and
press mitts may not be able to get into.

And since many purse designs have zipper closures, here’s a tip for easier zipper insertion: Don't try to sew around the
zipper head. Instead, move it out of the way. To do this, start sewing your zipper seam with the zipper unzipped. When
you’ve sewn about half way down the zipper, lower your needle into your fabric (so that your fabric won’t shift), raise
your presser foot, zip the zipper back up (so that the zipper head is now where you’ve already sewn), lower your presser
foot and continue your seam until you reach the end of the zipper.
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