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A collection of the best free Purse and Handbag Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
Because a few of the purse designs on these pages are made from leather, here are some tips on working with leather:

Before laying out and cutting your pattern pieces, check your leather first for any imperfections (remembering that
leather is an animal skin). This way, you’ll be able to cut around the imperfections so they won’t end up in your finished

Don’t use pins when laying your pattern pieces onto your leather (because, of course, they’ll leave noticeable holes behind).
Instead, use cardboard pattern pieces and pattern weights to hold your pattern pieces in place, and trace around the
pattern pieces with a pen to mark your cutting lines. And you can use either a rotary cutter or a sharp pair of scissors to
cut your leather.

To hold your leather pieces together for sewing (again, don’t use pins), you can use paper clips, binder clips, butterfly clips,
you can staple your leather pieces together temporarily (placing staples within the seam allowance, then removing the
staples after sewing), or glue the seams together (rubber cement is recommended because it's flexible and dries quickly).
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