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More tips for sewing leather:

Garment-weight leather can likely be sewn on a conventional home sewing machine. However, any leather thicker than
this may need to be sewn on a heavy-duty industrial machine.

Use a special leather needle in your sewing machine, which will pierce through your leather more easily than a standard
needle. And of course, use a brand new, sharp needle at the start of your project. You may even want to practice your
stitching first on some leather scraps before you start sewing your project.

Because leather can stretch as its sewn, adjust the pressure of your presser foot to its lightest setting. And use a teflon
or walking foot in your machine to make the leather feed more easily, or you can try applying teflon tape to the bottom
your presser foot.

For sewing bulkier seams (like when a number of seams converge), try using a “jean-a-ma-jig” or a “hump-jumper”
which can help feed your leather more easily.

And don’t press your seams open with an iron. Instead, flatten your seams by hand using a rubber mallot or a wallpaper
roller. You can also use rubber cement to glue your seams down to make them lie flat.
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