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Free Stuffed Animal Patterns - Page 2
A collection of the best free Stuffed Animal Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
Tiny Kitty
While She Naps
Here are more tips for working with fur (see previous page for initial tips):

Do any marking on the wrong side of your fur fabric (the backing) not the fur side (however, you probably wouldn't
be able to see any marks on the fur side of your fabric anyway).

If you need two opposite pattern pieces (like two stuffed animal arms or legs), remember to flip your second pattern
piece over so it will be a mirror image of the first piece. And when cutting your fur fabric, cut through the backing
only, not through the fur. And use either the tip of a pair of very sharp scissors or a craft knife.

After sewing a seam, pick out any fur that's gotten caught in the stitching with a comb or a bluntly pointed stick.

And after sewing your project, clean any accumulated lint from your sewing machine. You can do this with either a
soft brush or an air duster (note: some actually recommend against using an air duster to clean your sewing machine,
believing it may blow lint into your machine instead of out of it).

And you may want to practice these sewing techniques on a few scraps of fur fabric first before sewing your actual
stuffed animal.
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