My Seams Are Coming Out Puckered
Try these fixes:

Decrease the tension on your machine

    It may be too tight for your fabric.

Change your needle

    It may be blunt or dull. And make sure the needle you’re using is appropriate for the weight and type
    of your fabric.

Change your stitch length

    It may be too long or too short for the type of fabric you're sewing.

Change your presser foot

    Use the kind of presser foot most appropriate for your fabric. Consult your machine’s manual for

Change your thread

    If your upper thread and bobbin threads are different types, try using the same thread for both. Or
    your thread may be too thick for your fabric – especially if you’re sewing a sheer, lightweight fabric.

Don’t stretch your fabric as you sew

    Just guide your fabric, letting it feed on its own.

Change the pressure of your presser foot

    It may be too light or too heavy for your fabric.

Change your needle plate

    If you’re using a needle plate with a wide hole and sewing a thin or sheer fabric, your fabric may be
    getting pushed into the hole as you sew. Try switching to a needle plate with a small hole (a straight
    stitch needle plate).

    (Important: After changing your needle plate, check to make sure your needle aligns perfectly with
    this smaller hole before starting to sew. A misaligned needle could hit the plate and break, which could
    be dangerous. And make sure to change your needle plate back for zigzag and other wide stitches.)

Use a stabilizer underneath your fabric

    If you’re sewing a thin or sheer fabric, this may stop the puckering.
Still having problems?

Try visiting your
sewing machine manufacturer's website. They may have a
troubleshooting guide specific to your machine.

Also, you may want to try posting your question on one of the many
sewing forums.
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