My Stitches Are Coming Out Uneven
Try these fixes:

Rethread your machine

    It may be threaded incorrectly.

Change your thread

    If you’ve been using a cheaper or an older thread, change to a newer, quality, brand-name, thread.
    Also, if you’ve been using different threads for your upper and bobbin threads, try using the same for

Check your bobbin

    Make sure it’s threaded correctly.

Don’t pull your fabric as you sew

    Just guide your fabric, letting it feed on it’s own.

Change your needle

    Make sure it’s a size and type appropriate for your fabric and thread.

Adjust the tension on your machine

    It may be too loose or too tight.

Check your presser foot

    Make sure it’s securely attached.

Adjust the pressure of your presser foot

    It may be too light or too heavy for your fabric.

Change your presser foot

    If you’ve been sewing with a zigzag or an all-purpose presser foot, try changing to a straight stitch
    presser foot (this is assuming you’re sewing straight stitches). It has a smaller needle hole which may
    keep your fabric more stable as you sew.

Check your needle plate

    Make sure it’s securely in place.

Check your feed dogs* for lint

    If your feed dogs are clogged with lint, they're not gripping your fabric properly. Remove your presser
    foot and clean out any lint with an old toothbrush.

Use a “Jean-a-ma-jig” or a “Hump-jumper”

    If you’ve been trying to sew over a bump of fabric, such as a thick jean hem, try using this tool (your
    local fabric store should carry it). It keeps your presser foot level as you sew and gives your feed dogs
    something to grip.

Your machine may be skipping stitches

*Your feed dogs are the little teeth that stick up beyond your needle plate.
Still having problems?

Try visiting your
sewing machine manufacturer's website. They may have a
troubleshooting guide specific to your machine.

Also, you may want to try posting your question on one of the many
sewing forums.
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