Free Stuffed Animal Patterns - Page 2
Wee Bunny
Wee Wonderfuls
Teddy Wolf
Silver Seams
Little Frog Lily
Judi's Dolls
Softie Sheep
Small Dream Factory
Stuffed Pig
More Softie-making Projects from These Popular Books!
Wool Felt Elephant
Elephant Softie
Sun Conure Parrot
Silver Seams
Taggie Animals
Homemade by Jill
Three Wise Owls
Coloured Buttons
Stingray Softie
Puppy and Kitten
Moda Bake Shop
Bunny Plushies
Dandelions and Lace
Snail Softie
Moda Bake Shop
Softie Swan
Small Dream Factory
Ballet Bunny Plush
Chubby Hobby
Owl Softie
Hammer and Thread
Yoonie's Wabbit
Yoonie at Home
Tiny Cat
Marshmallow Chick
Dandelions and Lace
More Softie-Making Projects from These Popular Books!
Felt Pig
Silver Seams
Caterpillar Softie
Mr. Seahorse
Lia's Space
Dog Plushie
Silver Seams
Teddy Pig
Silver Seams
A collection of the best free Stuffed Animal Patterns on the web!
*Patterns marked with an asterisk (*) indicate a PDF file.
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Stuffed Mouse
Sewing Stars
Holiday Cat Pillow
Craft and Fabric Links
Angel Kitty
Crafty College
Mini Shiba
Nuno Life
Felt Cockroach
Nuno Life
No-sew Towel Dog
Nuno Life

Even more free patterns!

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Note: An asterisk (*) next to a project indicates that it's a PDF file.
More tips on working with fur (see previous page for initial tips):

If you need two “opposite” pattern pieces (like two arms, two legs, etc.), remember to flip the second piece over to get
a “mirror image” of the first piece.

When you cut your fur fabric, cut through the backing only, not through the fur. And use either the tip of a pair of very
sharp scissors or a craft knife.

Do any marking on the wrong side of your fabric (the backing) not the fur side (you probably wouldn’t be able to see
any marks on the fur side of the fabric anyway).

After sewing a seam, pick out any fur that’s gotten caught in the stitching with a comb or a bluntly pointed stick.

And after sewing your project, clean any accumulated lint from your sewing machine.

You may want to practice these techniques on a few scraps of fur fabric first before sewing your actual project.
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