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    The intention of this site is to provide helpful information to those who visit.

    But please keep in mind that I’m not a “credentialed expert.” I’m just someone with lots of sewing
    experience and an opinion or two.

    I’ve made every effort to be accurate with the information I’ve provided, but it’s possible I may have made
    a mistake or accidentally omitted something.

    Therefore, read the information I’ve provided, but ultimately, use your own good judgement and common
    sense. In other words, if you choose to follow my advice, do so “at your own risk.”

    And some reminders:

    Use caution and common sense when working with tools, especially sharp or pointy ones.

    Read the manual for your sewing machine carefully and thoroughly, paying special attention to any
    safety issues.

    Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for caring for your fabrics.

    Always test a marking or cleaning method on a scrap of your fabric first, to make sure it doesn't
    damage the fabric.

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    Please note that the articles on are copyright protected.

    Feel free to print these articles for your own, personal use, but be aware that selling or distributing them in
    mass quantities or posting them to other websites would be copyright infringement.

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