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30+ Easy Purse Patterns
So if you're an experienced sewer looking for a quick-to-make project, perhaps
looking for a way to use up your fabric stash, looking for a cute diy gift for that
special someone, or maybe you just want to experience the satisfaction of a
completed project, you've come to the right place.

And if you're a beginner who's just learning how to sew, any of the purses on
these pages would make a great first project for a beginner. Their simple shapes
and construction with few or no complex (and sometimes challenging-to-sew)
details (like zippers and other fasteners or inner pockets and compartments),
should be easy enough for a beginner to sew.

And, of course, making your own fabric purse means you can customize it as you
like. Perhaps scaling the size up or down to make it smaller or larger, or adjusting
the handle to the right length for you.

And even though the purses on these pages are very simple styles, simple doesn't
have to mean boring. Choose a festive fashion fabric for your purse and/or add an
embellishment like a tassel or a large button to jazz it up the design.

And just remember that if you plan to place heavy items in your purse or if you just
want your purse to be more durable, to reinforce the purse by adding a lining to it
(the reversible purses on these pages already have this second layer of fabric
designed in, of course) or by backing your fabric pieces with a layer of fusible
interfacing before constructing your purse.
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Crazy Little Projects
Make a quick and easy purse with this collection of over thirty free and easy purse
and handbag patterns gathered from all over the web!
Here you'll find a variety of
purse patterns to choose from ranging from unstructured hobo bag styles to more
structured messenger bags, coin purses, clutches, and larger tote designs.
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