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60+ Free Fall Clothes Patterns
You'll find everything here from cozy fall jackets, to loose-fitting capes and ponchos,
to pretty infinity scarves, to cute hats, to long-sleeved tops, maxi skirts, and cool
weather dresses.

And if you're looking for a quick-to-make fall sewing project, try a wrap, cape, or
poncho, which are usually constructed from just one or two fabric pieces and require
just a few straight seams and a hem (and if you sew your poncho from a knit fabric,
a hem may not even be necessary). Plus, since wraps, capes, and ponchos are all
meant to hang loosely from the shoulders, there's no fitting required (which can also
make them a great gift). And their simple construction also makes them a great
project for a beginner. And what makes a poncho, wrap, or cape great for fall is that
their loose-fitting shape allows air to circulate while still keeping you warm. Plus,
they can be easily removed if the weather turns unexpectedly warm.

And another quick-to-make fall sewing project is the infinity scarf. Not only does an
infinity scarf serve the practical purpose of keeping your neck warm in cooler
weather, but looks quite fashionable while doing it. An infinity scarf can also be a
quick and easy way to change the look of an outfit for very little money. And since
an infinity scarf is usually constructed from just one piece of fabric and a few
straight seams, it would also make a great project for a beginner.

And if you're in need of some fall fabric suggestions, try fleece, lightweight wool,
flannel, medium weight cottons, and medium weight knits.
Sew clothes for fall with this collection of over sixty free fall clothing patterns,
tutorials, and diy sewing projects gathered from all over the web! Here you'll find a
selection of clothes perfect for transitioning from the warmer temperatures of
summer to the cooler temperatures of autumn.
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